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If you are doing multi-party analysis on your NDE jobs - you need an easy and reliable way to track the progress of your job. The old way is to use pen and paper or an open and close spreadsheet.  Not anymore!    We have the solution...

CalboardUSA is a fully customizeable off-the-shelf calboard software and hardware package for use in the NDE (eddy current) inspection industry. Just plug and play into your local area network for use during outages and smaller inspections - to keep track of the work done by your multi-party acquisition, analysis and data management teams.

Built for people that don't want to waste time and resources to keep track of everything the old way - by hand. CalboardUSA is a database driven web application that displays in a browser interface. You can customize the look of the application by changing colors, column labels and logos.

Recently added features include "Reso Watch" and "Data Management Watch" - which allow a single window pop-up to watch for newly opened/available cals. Standard features include editable components with "Active Component" (Quick Link) display area, Quick Document area link, and Database-driven Logbook.
Simple to Use
Designed to be easy for everyone.
Why make this complicated with tons of features you will never use? We designed this to include only the features that are useful. Anything else would be too much.
No login required.
Other calboards require the user to login.
Why? No need for that extra complication. With CalboardUSA, you get freedom to modify anything at anytime - the way it should be. Just type something into a field and click "Store". Simple as that.

No Restrictions. For now, there are no restrictions to enter anything in any fields. However, in our next version, there will be "No Stomping". If there was already something in the field you chose, then you will get a pop-up warning asking if you really want to change it. That way, no more "stomping" on someone else's entries.
Simple to Install.
We will give you the entire package. When you purchase CalboardUSA, you get to choose the computer that we will install it on for you. It must be a Windows based computer so that we can use the included personal web server (so that you can then use it at your non-Internet accessable location - most common work locations don't have the Internet).

You choose the computer. We offer recommendations for the best netbooks, notebooks and laptop computers. But you can ask for anything you prefer.

Web-based version. If you prefer, we can install the software on your website. We just need to be given FTP access to your web server (and the ability to enable write permissions for certian directories.
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