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Features - Version 2.0

  • Proven in the field. - Our calboard software has been in use for the last 6 years. Version 1.0 has been used by many Eddy Current inspection teams over a large number of BOP outages. Our new version (2.0) incorporates many changes that will be outlined below.

  • Display All / Display Specific Components - You can choose to display all cals from All components to get an overall view, or choose a specific component to view.

  • Add/Edit Components - A window pop-up allows you to add new components and/or to edit the components. In this window, you can also select particular components that are currently active (which will display a Quick Access/Link button in the "Active Components" area at the top of the calboard.) Therefore, only the components that you are currently working on will be shown at the top.

  • Add New Cal - This feature allows you to quickly add a new cal to the currently displayed component.

  • Star Off the Field - When a worker first starts working on a call, he/she will sign the cal off on their appropriate field with their initials. (Or more commonly - with their first letter of their last name and the last four digits of the SS#) When a worker gets done with the cal, they will then click on the star beneath their initial - this will turn the star gold which will signify they completed their task. After any change to the calboard, the worker has to remember to click the "Store" button. This sends the new info to the database. If they don't hit the "Store" button within 45 seconds, the calboard will refresh. The "Refresh" button (and also the 45 second refresh function) pulls all the current data from the database.

  • Logbook - This features allows the shift lead (or anyone) to add critical information for the ongoing job to an area that all can see. The logbook typically includes information to help get the job started. Then as the job progresses, shift leads add new information on a daily basis - info that they need to share with all the workers to help with the job. It is then the responsibility of the worker to review the logbook at the start of their shift or when told to do so.

  • Reso / DM Watch (New Feature - Version 2.0) - Reso Watch and Data Management watch allow a worker to watch for newly completed tasks that have to be done before they can start their task - without having to constantly scan the calboard. For example - Reso Watch allows the Resolution analyst to see when the Primary and Secondary analysts complete their cals. A window will pop-up and you can then see when Pri and Sec have starred off their cals (and no Reso analyst has jumped on it yet).

    Reso Watch defined = If Primary is done (starred-off) AND Secondary is done (starred-off) AND no Reso has signed it out yet. Then the cal will appear in the Reso Watch.

    Same goes for Data Management Watch - this allows the Data Management worker to watch for completed Reso cals. DM Watch defined = If Reso is done (starred-off). Then the cal will appear in the DM Watch.

    Note: the Watches refresh every 45 seconds just like the calboard. So you can stare at the Watches instead of staring at the calboard and see only the cals that you will need to work on next.

  • Documents (New Feature - Version 2.0) - This is a link which will open up a directory listing of all the files that where placed into a certain directory on the calboard server computer. This directory is currently called "/ECTdocs" and it resides in the same directory that the calboard is located. (Future versions will allow you to choose/create this directory).

  • Options (New Feature - Version 2.0) - There are many options you can set for the calboard. They include: colors, labels, logo, directory paths, etc...

  • Coming in Version 3.0 - No Stomping - For now, there are no restrictions to enter anything in any fields. However, in our next version, there will be "No Stomping". If there was already something in the field you chose, then you will get a pop-up warning asking if you really want to change it. That way, no more "stomping" on someone else's entries.

  • Coming in Version 3.0 - - ACQ watch, Directory settings, etc.

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